Restart Guidelines after Covid-19 Lockdown

Here you find links to documents, webinars and important information about restarting gliding at the Scottish Gliding Centre.

Remember to always follow government guidelines in addition to these guidelines

  • Restart Risk Assessmentupdated for 2 seater flying and caravan park use
  • video recording of the ground rules webinar on 25-May-2020
  • Restart Ground Rules Presentation
  • video recording of the gliding refresher webinar on 26-May-2020
  • Gliding Refresher Presentation
  • Booking In Guide read this first, then read the update
  • Update to Booking In Guide 30-5-2020
  • The form to book in
  • First DI after restart
  • Additional Reading Material

    Anyone hoping to fly should re-read the BGA's Managing Flying Risk document.

    Other useful material:

  • Safe Aerotowing
  • Safe Winch Launching
  • GASCO Return to Flying presentation
  • CAA CAP 1919: Safety advice for returning to flying.
  • SGC Post Accident Guide
  • SGC Emergency Action Plan